Anaesthesia & Pain Medicine

The Department of Anaesthesiology at Adam Vital Hospital uses the most advanced, safe and patient-focused techniques and mechanisms to deliver SAFE ANAESTHESIA care to all the patients. Our team of extremely skilled and well-experienced Anaesthesiologists and Anaesthesia Assistanta aims to provide optimum quality patient care not only in the operation theatres but also beyond it by optimizing preoperative patient preparation and providing comprehensive patient care during the early postoperative period.

Our Anaesthesia care team plays a significant role before, during and after the surgical intervention, thereby ensuring a safe and effective outcome of patient care.

Types of Anaesthesia

Types of Anesthesia depends on

  • The type of surgery
  • Length of the procedure
  • Patient’s health and presence of other medical problems
  • You and your surgeon's preference

The main types of Anaesthesia are

General Anaesthesia :
The patient is unconscious and feels nothing. The patient receives medicine by breathing it through mask or through an intravenous line.

Local Anaesthesia :
The patient is wide awake during surgery. Anaesthesia Medicine is introduced to numb a small area that is affected by disease.

Regional anaesthesia :
The patient is awake or mildly Sedated , and part of the body are asleep . Medicine is injected to block the specific nerves that supply the affected part.

The Anaesthesia Department of AVH provides the following services

1. Pre-operative care for major and minor surgical procedures

2. Postoperative pain management

3. Sedation for minor surgical procedures

4. Ultrasound-guided nerve blocks

5. Emergency, Trauma care and ICU Management

6. Administration of Anaesthesia in all subspecialties

7. Anaesthesia for Painless Delivery

8. Preoperative medical evaluations.

9. Multidisciplinary team work for the best possible outcome of any surgical procedure

Why should you reach Anaesthesia Department

At Adam Vital Hospital , we believe in SAFE ANESTHESIA and SAFE SURGERY and the best and effective outcome of any procedure .There are pros and cons to different types of Anaesthesia techniques . Some types can result in less pain afterwards and faster recovery but some procedure might requires more extensive monitoring and specialized Anesthesia care . At Adams Vital Hospital, with expert Doctors, we help you in all of your needs and bring the best with SAFE CARE. Your Surgeon and Anesthesiologist will discuss the risks and benefits of different types of Anaesthesia prior to your surgery for the smooth and best perioperative period .