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Urgent Care Centre at Adam Vital Hospital offers urgent medical attention to walk-in patients with an immediate health problem that does not warrant going to a hospital’s emergency room. Our Urgent Care Centre is fitted with the latest medical equipment and round the clock specialist doctors providing diagnosis and treatments in:

Orthopedic Trauma:

Includes all kinds of injuries affecting the bones, joints, muscles, tendons, fractures and ligaments in any part of the body that are caused by trauma.


We treat all types of fractures, including open or compound fracture. Fractures commonly happen because of car accidents, falls, or sports injuries. Other causes are low bone density and osteoporosis, which cause weakening of the bones.

Sport Injuries:

You may walk into our urgent care centre if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • Ankle sprain
  • Groin pull
  • Hamstring strain
  • Shin splints
  • Knee injury: ACL tear
  • Knee injury: Patellofemoral syndrome — injury resulting from the repetitive movement of your kneecap against your thigh bone.
  • Tennis elbow (epicondylitis)

Internal Medicine: Internal Medicine at Urgent care offers treatment for acute medical issues that are not serious enough to require emergency care. We offer services to cases including abdominal pains, vomiting and diarrhoea in adults, coughs, colds, flu, sore throats, mild to moderate asthma, minor cuts or wounds, sudden back pain, sudden rashes and sprains.

Cardiology: Cardiology department at Adam Vital Hospital is equipped to deal with a wide range of heart conditions, using both preventative and therapeutic treatment modalities. Our cardiology department is composed of one of the most experienced and specialist cardiologists in the region. We provide numerous non-surgical screening procedures to analyze the patient’s condition. We offer a wide range of heart disease prevention tests and treatments ranging from drug therapy to more invasive procedures and surgery. Please visit our urgent care centre if you need immediate attention.


Rheumatic diseases are characterized by inflammation that affects the connecting structures of the body, most commonly the joints, but also sometimes the tendons, ligaments, bones, and muscles. The hallmark of these rheumatic diseases is inflammation. Please visit our Urgent Care Centre if you are experiencing any of the following symptom’s:

  • Pain
  • Stiffness, especially in the morning
  • Swelling
  • Warmth and redness
  • Tenderness
  • Difficulty using the joint normally
  • Fatigue
  • Eye inflammation or infections
  • Rashes and sores
  • Pain in the neck, spine, or back
  • Difficulty taking a deep breath
  • Muscle pain